We’ve just returned from an exciting 6 days shoot in Scotland for another series of films for BMI Healthcare. That’s right, we’ve been back in scrubs filming at the Albyn Hospital in Aberdeen,  Fernbrae Hospital in Dundee and Kings Park Hospital in Stirling.

When we shot 4 hospitals for BMI Healthcare last year we learned a lot in regards to shooting in a fully working place of business. You have to think on your feet and be ready to adapt to any changes caused by availability and changes of circumstances. A working hospital can’t change what they are doing just because of a film crew.

This year was no different and we slotted ourselves in and around the workings of the hospitals to get the story we had pre-conceived. We had some valuable assistance from Caroline and Typh who endured the long days with us and kept us on schedule (they both have cameos as our way of saying thank you). It also wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the E.D.s and all the staff that participated and made our days a pleasure.

Back in scrubsDouble8 recovery