Back in July we produced a short film for our friend Matt Kenyon to promote his upcoming book ‘Everyday is Play. A Celebration of the Video Game‘. Matt wanted to make a snapshot of the gaming culture by showcasing artwork from designers, musicians, artists, writers and developers. The artwork is incredibly diverse and a rich collection of some of the most wonderfully game inspired masterpieces you will see. It features visual works from the likes of Build, Universal Everything, Human Studio, Daniel Gray, Everyday Something, Buro Destruct, Jeff Donaldson, Mike Sullivan, UNIT and 123Klan to name a few. The book also features interviews with some of the leading names in gaming, such as Konami, Edge Magazine, The Designers Republic, Indie Game the Movie, Studio Output, Eboy and Shaun Inman.Matt asked us to help him promote his project to the Kickstarter community by producing a short film that would encapsulate the aspirations and inspirations of the contributors and himself. With backing from Kickstarter Matt was hoping to raise £26,000 by September to get the book into production.

The project did incredibly well and raised over 10k more to ensure the book went ahead.It’s very exciting working alongside someone like Matt who has an amazing passion for design and gaming and it’s more than likely his passion that inspired the many backers (nearly 800) to get on board.We hope we played a little hand in its success too. If you haven’t seen the film, go view it now.

Update 11th July 2014
The book is going to print