Hands on with the RED EPIC

We’re about to start production on a project using the wonderful ‘Red Epic’. The camera can shoot at a fantastic 300 frames per second which allows for shots to be slowed down dramatically so the shots look … well epic. With traditional photography when you have a faster shutter speed to reduce blur you need a larger aperture to let in more light and capture the detail; in film (and digital film in this case) increasing your frame rate to capture more frames per second has the same demand on the image being captured. Controlled environments in the case of lighting are required more when undertaking slow motion cinematography. Outside in the daytime is rarely an issue but it’s certainly an issue when shooting indoors and scenes will most likely need to be lit with additional lighting to correct the exposure. When done correctly, the result will be impressive.

We’re really looking forward to getting stuck into this and showing you the results. In the meantime, it’s time for Adrian to get his star jump on …


The footage above was shot and slowed down from 100fps (frames-per-second), which is only a third of the cameras frame rate capacity.

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