ISG PLC are an international construction company offering specialist construction solutions. Dealing with high profile jobs they are constantly being put in a pitch situation against like providers, which is for the most part about data and numbers and without the option to deliver it personally. ISG PLC contacted Double 8 to see if we could create a more personable approach to an inpearsonalble pitch presentation for an upcoming, large construction project.

We’ve had a lot of experience with drawing the best out of people and being able to deliver a message which reflects a person, product or service in a short film format. For ISG PLC we had  very tight turnaround to do just this. Meeting with the pitch team we came up with the best solution for the availability the team would have in the short timeframe. This involved a very informal but well produced ‘talking heads’ film that would be shot on green screen and then cut together with strengthening statements. We worked closely with ISG PLC to create a series of questions for the team involved that would generate the content  with a very honest and genuine delivery that we needed.

The filming took place in the ISG PLC offices in Manchester on a Tuesday and was delivered the following Wednesday to be presented on the Friday that week. The team were very excited and moved by the end film and we’re sure this is a great new level of pitch going forward, to deliver their message. We hope it did the trick.