We have recently completed work on a new production for our long term client Silicone Engineering. Having recently acquired a piece of equipment to improve on their already top of the line process, Silicone Engineering wanted to update their silicone sheeting film with the new process the equipment provided. The state of the art equipment includes a talcing module and a highly sophisticated gauge for dimensional stability.

With the requirement of incorporating the new process into the silicone sheeting film we thought it was a good opportunity to let the film stand alone outside the series we originally created. Sheeting is a major part of the companies output and would be their focus when they featured at the upcoming ‘K Show’ in Germany this October. With this in mind a new script and voiceover was produced that not only promoted the product, but Silicone Engineering too.

Silicone sheeting stand alone film

You can also see the new film along with our series trailer on the Silicone Engineering project page.