Last month saw us return to WGSF (Wakefield Grammar School Foundation) to get new material to update the QEGS Sixth Form film.

Nearly four years ago we produced a film with interviews from boys at the time who gave their accounts of sixth form life at the school. This was supplemented with footage of school life to give prospective students a greater insight to what they could expect with taking the QEGS journey.

This time round we were only required to get new interviews with current sixth form students and edit this in to the existing film. We used the original line of questioning to elicit similar responses and enable the answers to broadly keep to the visuals we were able to capture the first time around. Some minor changes had to be done throughout to make it all work out but the results looked great. Take a look for yourself and see how the new version works with a few tweaks and new interviews.

Interview with sixth former about life at QEGS in the rugby pavilion.

2018 Edition

2014 Edition

Our relationship with Wakefield Grammar School Foundation goes back 10 years to the beginning of Double8 as a film production company. Take a look at this piece from the nostalgia archives of the first film we did for QEGS in 2008.