• The Making of AB Agri

    • Brand Agency

      10 Associates
    • Script

      Rachel Larder / Matt Haigh/ Wayland S Donlan
    • Production Date

      March/April 2015
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    Production Credits

    Story and research : Rachel Larder & Wayland Shay Donlan
    Script : Rachel Larder & Matt Haigh & Wayland Shay Donlan
    Filming : Adrian Ray & Mezz Davies
    Editing : Mezz Davies & Wayland Shay Donlan
    Producer : Wayland Shay Donlan
    Motion Graphics : Wayland Shay Donlan
    Creative : 10 Associates & Double8 Moving Pictures
    Project Management : 10 Associates & Double8 Moving Pictures

    Project Planning

    Initial production meetings for the project started back in February when we sat down with 10 Associates and AB Agri to discuss how to approach the films execution and what the content should be.

    AB Agri were holding a conference in April and wanted a film that would celebrate the history of the company as it had turned 30 years old. Starting with a large outlay of information from AB Agri’s Communications Manager we were able to formulate certain requirements based on content and overall budget.

    It was at this stage a documentary type approach was taken and a decision of how to split the presentation of the film between interviews, supplementary footage and motion graphics. With the above information and knowing how we wanted to top and tail the story, Double8 put together a treatment and worked out a basic structure for AB Agri to home in on the details. With this treatment in place we were able to begin planning for the shoot itself. The timeframe for the filming production was going to be tight as we needed the interviews to fill in areas of the story and give us direction for a final script.


    The filming took place over 5 days and saw us interviewing 18 key personnel who would expand on the information we wanted to show. This took us to a number of locations from Leeds to Marlborough .We also found ourselves on farms and in a feed mill getting additional footage to help the story.

    At the end of each interview we asked our interviewee a series of questions against green screen so we could use this as part of another film; ‘People of AB Agri’. This was used to end the evening on a very positive and uplifting note.

    Post Production

    We worked closely with 10 Associates and AB Agri to create a film that was informative, interesting, honest and on brand. The tight turnaround from filming to delivery meant that the film wouldn’t come together until the very end – only days before the event!

    To tie it all together required multiple motion graphics, clever editing, additional script writing and a clear understanding of the whole story. It was an incredible push by all involved to get a complete film. The result was fantastic and the response was overwhelming.

    The animated sequence at the start combined still images and video stitched together to create an interesting way of giving an overview to the business.

    The People of AB Agri

    Conference Idents

    These conference idents played throughout the evening and were created using stock video with motion graphics on top.