• BMI Healthcare

    • Production Date

      September 2012
    • Scriptwriter

      Richard Taylor
    • Locations

      Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Blackburn
    • Website


    The original concept for this series of BMI Healthcare hospitals was to portray a patients journey as they go from consultation to treatment and beyond. In the tendering process Double8 pitched the concept to portray a hotel like feel to the films along with the exploration of the figures and facilities that the patient would interact with.

    From cleaners to consultant we wanted to show the part each staff member has in the hospital along with the pride they have in their role and the care they have for their patients. Working in collaboration with script writer Richard Taylor we created a series which captured the tone and personality of the hospitals.

    Ross Hall Hospital, Glasgow

    Thornbury Hospital, Sheffield

    Beardwood Hospital, Blackburn

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