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      Optimum Medical
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      April 2017
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    Creating the right products to show off the products

    Optimum Medical were looking for a series of ‘how-to’ films to show customers how products from their urology range are used. Working closely with the client we conceived a way to display the range in an upbeat and interesting form while giving a practical p.o.v. to demonstrate the products.

    Filming 10 ‘How-to’ films over 3 days

    This was only achieved once we thoroughly understood the products and produced a comprehensive shooting list to be filmed over 3 days. We produced a style guide to work to, so we knew how text would be placed in post and so the client could visualise the final product.

    The end result is ten films which are widely used at exhibitions, on the website and in social media.

    Optimum Medical Products Creative

    Style guide created for production

    Ugo Fix Gentle Film

    A little from behind the scenes

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    Today's studio setup, nice to be indoors for a change.

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