• Thornbury Gamma Knife Centre

    • Client

      BMI Healthcare
    • Production Date

      April 2013
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    For this film we needed to produce some technical illustrations to demonstrate how the procedure for the Leksell Gamma Knife© Perfexion ™ works and how simple the process is. We shot the unit with a curved tracking shot and transitioned this into a 3D illustration of a basic interior of the unit where we could simplify the process to audiences. Other demonstrations of the unit exist but with this film we wanted to make it as simple and care-free for audiences to grasp and consider the treatment. This consideration was carried throughout the whole film so patients could see every touchpoint of their journey from consultation to treatment and beyond.

    This patient journey includes information about the equipment used to treat patients as well as interviews with a consultant neurosurgeon, Andras Kemeny, senior radiotherapy physicist, Paul Laycock and lead radiographer, Robert Ward. The video also looks at the patient’s perspective with an interview from gamma knife patient, Gaynor Abbott.

    The filming wasn’t without it’s challenges as we had to tackle a moving shot of the Gamma Knife© unit while being outside the room. We couldn’t be in the room while the unit doors were opened. We could have simply locked off the shot, but that really wouldn’t be that interesting would it. So we devised a simple pulley system which we could operate with a cable which went under the door. It took some working out because of the curved track but a couple of takes later and we had a great shot to use.

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