Formica® Collection : See things differently

For this project we were tasked at putting together a production for the Home Agency in Leeds that would require everything from props and set dressing to the final creative edit. This was our second project undertaken for the Home Agency and saw us working together very closely in production and edit so we were able to bring to life the vision they had for this Formica® promotional film.

Compact production schedule

The timeframes were incredibly tight and found us shooting the production one week and putting together the edit and creative the following week so it was able to be used at a trade show a few days later. It was  an incredibly ambitious task and not without it’s challenges during production and post-production.

Last minute challenges

One of the big challenges was shooting a white material with a subtle texture for one of the scenes. This new material was a last minute introduction to the shoot and showing the texture seemed like an impossibility. Lighting it at all meant the texture disappeared. After a few attempts we knew the only way to show this would be to add it in post. It was a tough decision knowing that post time was limited but this was the only choice to get what we needed. The texture was scanned and redrawn so it could be used in the background of the slide scene.