What was required

Optimum Medical approached us to conceptualise and produce two films that would promote the ‘Delivered’ and ‘Shop’ services for their urology products. 

What we did

We wanted to create two films that could work as a pair and complement Optimum Medical’s existing youthful brand. We gave focus to the customer in the ‘Shop’ film and personal advisor in the ‘Delivered’ film and used these along with the appealing visuals to portray the services and products as reliable and desirable. 


  • Concept and written by : Wayland Donlan
  • Cinematography : Adrian Ray
  • Producer/ Director : Wayland Donlan
  • Technical Assistant : Mezz Davies
  • Make-up : Julia Jeckell
  • Shop customer : Julie Lowery
  • Delivered advisor : Nicky Campbell
  • Illustration and motion graphics : Wayland Donlan
  • Voiceover and Sound Design : Adam-Nabarro Steel


With a clear understanding of our brief and audience, a couple of concepts and scripts, we were able to hit upon the final idea and began quickly storyboarding the production.

The pieces were quite complex and would need to have a concise visual to work out the choreography of the artists that would work with the intended motion graphics. During filming we spray-painted a hula hoop green and stuck markers on the reverse so the artist could have clear touch points for where the icons would appear or needed to end up. These would ultimately be removed in post-production. With our talented actors we were able to quickly choreograph the movements. Their actions needed to be split up in to a number of scenes that could be neatly joined together in post so there would be no noticeable shift during the transitions.

Post production

As a motion graphics heavy project, a major part of the project lied in the development of the motion design and illustration.

Edits and voiceover were initially done to ensure timings could be worked to. From there we took the project in to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for the icons and backgrounds. Then in to Adobe After Effects to develop the motion design and put the scenes together. The final part was sound design which tied the pieces together.