What was required

We have worked with Stage One on a few different projects over the years and it was an honour to be called on again to produce a film that would display their skilled team’s abilities and celebrate the designers that entrust them with their ideas.


What we did

We used a mixture of aerial cinematography, slow-motion and green screen along with an emotive soundtrack and voiceover to tell their story

Production Credits

Written by : Tim Leigh
Creative concept : Laura Johnson and Double8
Filming : Adrian Ray & Mezz Davies
Aerial filming : Iron Bird
Editing : Mezz Davies & Wayland Donlan

Producer : Wayland Donlan

This film was a true collaboration of creative’s working together to produce an amazing story that really does celebrate the work that they do. We were initially presented a loose concept and storyboard that showed a day in the life of the company mixed with images of projects they had worked on . We worked closely with Stage One to push the concept forward in a more visually attractive way that would move and inspire audiences.

“Creating a film that has to articulate the very essence of a brand in a little over sixty seconds is hard. It requires the whole team to bring their creative ideas with them but leave their egos at the door. The notion of collaboration is often overplayed and yet efficient and democratic collaboration remains a rare thing. However, that’s exactly what Double8 delivered. And that is evident in the finished piece. We are very pleased with the result”


We used green screen boards as placeholders in the storage area and gallery shots to represent and give flexibility to the work that would ultimately be shown.

Production experiment

During production we experimented using a GO-PRO camera attached to the CNC drill. Ultimately this was replaced in favour of the aerial shot which was much more pleasing and in-keeping with the tone of the film.


Early pre-vis work was used to give us a clear visual goal for the gallery and how we would display work that was in various formats and quality.