Working with the creative team at Two Teas (purveyors in fine brands) we produced this fun and upbeat promotional animation to showcase the VEX Rewards service from Voucher Express. We were able to consult ‘TT’ on their storyboard creative and talk them through certain creative challenges.

Taking their creative and storyboards we produced the final motion graphics and sound design, including the sourcing and management of our great voiceover artist.  The full production had to be turned around in a tight timeframe and was delivered within 2 weeks as required.

  • Character rigging and controllers
  • Flat illustrations in 3D scenes
  • Sound Mixing


We used Adobe After Effects to do all the motion graphics and setup the scenes in 3D space so we could move a camera through and give a more layered world view to the illustrations provided. An animatic (animated schematic) in this form was setup initially with a temporary voiceover to get timings for scenes and provide the client a good understanding to how elements would connect. It was also setup in such a way that the animatic became the final piece so no time was lost and all went towards the final product. This was critical to the timescale. When this was signed off we moved onto the detailed movements of each element and characters. We did a partial rigging of the characters and created controllers for all the moving body parts. The music, voiceover and sounds were mixed in Adobe Audition and synced to the video.