The goal was to produce a short film that would be included in the new smartphone application being built for the foundation.

Size restrictions were set because of this, but from initial concepts we had a clear goal to make this a special story that had an emotive feel … under 2 mins.

For this we created a concept and wrote a script that at it’s heart reflected on the journey’s of life for everyone. We coupled this concept with continuously moving cinematography of the school’s to convey on how important it is to get the educational journey right in a persons life. The ambiguous angle we took gives an emotive connection for all audiences but would be closely connected to by parents looking at the best option for their child’s journey.

Production Credits

Written and produced by : Wayland Donlan
Filming : Adrian Ray & Mezz Davies
Aerial filming : Iron Bird
Editing and post production : Wayland Donlan
Voiceover : Big Fish Media

An Inspirational Journey

We have worked with the Wakefield Grammar School Foundation in the past on a series of films for each of these schools, so this time around we had a fantastic opportunity to revisit them and re-imagine how we could tell the story of the entire educational journey in one film.

Wakefield Grammar School Foundation are a family of schools that offer single sex education to boys and girls aged 4-18 years old; while their nursery offers co-education to 3-4 year olds.


At the start of the project we began by writing and creating a demo of the audio that would guide the piece. With this direction agreed upon, we set about creating the storyboard. The butterfly was an early adoption to the first draft title of  ‘A Beautiful Journey’ and idea to use aerial cinematography. This gave us a guide that would symbolise the journey a student takes and the heights they can reach.


Post Production

The aerial shots were the first shots we worked on in post production and went through a number of stages to get the correct look and feel. Everything was considered and tested; including the path and scale of the butterfly, the grade & colour, the title styles and length of the scene.